Thursday, 23 April 2009

Dawn I'm borrowing your title - come on someone own up - they're not just nicking all your time they're nicking mine too!!!

Ok Ok Ok I know - look the last two weeks have grown wings and emmigrated somewhere far away...

In truth I've been a little bit floaty the past fortnight - so much has happened and I have so much to fit in!!! I've been working on a rather interesting and new project which is far too much fun to let things like accountancy get in the way - sorry can't divulge but what I will say is I'm loving it and I'm also learning alot. New skills - I mean of the life kind not the craft kind - though a few of those have materialised en route aswell (the craft kind not the life kind) - new people, a new perspective on this fabulous hobby (that I am lucky enough to call part of my work!) and a chance to prove something to myself and hopefully to others. Lets just say its something I never even thought I'd get involved in, its pushing the problems I have with my nerve damage right to its limits but its turning out to be great fun and in some ways just like my demos I can say my job is my medicine - long story as to why but you wouldn't be that interested believe me ...

Ok for those of you wondering, really I can't tell and if I did you probably wouldn't think it was exciting but I do!!!! :o)

So what else though I hear you say - surely that can't have taken up all your time... well, sadly I've also had to fit in the book keeping because I have to keep up with my other work as its only a short term project I'm involved with so I'm generally pooped.

And next week it all starts again - but with the added bonus (and I do mean bonus cos I LURVE doing 'em hee hee) - I've got a couple of magazine bits to do and my other joy in life - a demo to prepare for for a new promo! (And if I'm lucky maybe I'll get to see the other love of my life - my hubby.... but that may be pushing it!)

It would appear my antiquated eight year old pc decided to join me in the "tired and worn out stakes" and gave up the ghost on internet access. It took me three days to get back on the world wide ether to communicate again so here I am!

Just a couple of things as I have so much to do before my little head hits the pillow and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz land takes over!

(1) to all you ladies on the Island last Saturday night at Crafting Around it was lovely to see you!!!! I hope you got lots of inspiration to go and try new things. I'll start posting the pictures next week. I'm so looking forward to checking out Brenda's new shop in Newport when I see you all next month so put the date in your diary - its on my list of demo's on here so go do it now!!!

(2) If you want to know whats hip and happening in crafting you need to follow this website - click here to visit Becks Faggs blog - she's our woman in the know at Docrafts and head of Product. If Becks doesn't know it its not worth knowing! So why not keep up to date with all the latest news by clicking into her blog (PS you may have seen her on QVC recently launching one of our TSVs)

(3) I have to find the date but if you are in the vaccinity of the Glitter Pot in the next couple of weeks Clare Curd is demonstrating Forever Friends, her own Signature Range and also a rather super exclusive set of Daisy and Dandelion stamps made just for the GP. I've never got there myself but many tell me its an amazing craft store!!! So how do I know how super this set of stamps are - now that would be telling :o) Oh go on then, cos I got sneeky ickle peek of them hot of the proverbial press a couple of weeks ago..... ooooooo I do love my job!!!

Anyway have to dash - hubby has been visiting his mother in the home tonight and I think I may be soothing a sore brow tonight.

Lots of love to you all - please bear with me in this stunningly busy time and I'll get more projects on asap (when I can I will tell more) and also please stay in touch - I love to hear from you


Monday, 6 April 2009

A little project to share before my holiday!!

Hi Everyone!!!

Well I am taking a teency weency little break from running around with the hoover and duster getting the house ready for our imminent visitor!!!

I thought I would leave you for the rest of the week with a project along similar lines to one I demonstrated on Saturday with the old marketing CD. Here I have used Basic Grey Wassail papers so this was designed to be a little hanging Christmas decoration. I love these warm, rich shades - perfect for Christmas!! But I know its a little bit early for that (though at the rate this year seems to be disappearing I'm sure it will be round again in five minutes flat!) I guess I wanted to show you that the idea can be adapted to suit so many different occasions and colours. Why not make a similar project but as a special card that can be displayed all year round - instead of attaching ribbon to hang give a plate holder as a stand - a gift and a card all in one!

This was a project I made for a special demo on the Isle of WIght last year so it has been hanging around for a while - but I also submitted it to "Papercraft Essentials" for last years Papercrafter of the Year for which I was a runner up so (with out bragging!) I'm quite proud of this little design.

So now its time to say goodbye for the rest of this week and I will return next Tuesday. In the meantime, have a fabulous time... eat too many Easter eggs (like I will).... and take care!!!

Love and hugs

Becky xxx

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Crafty Hubby.....

Hi all

How are you today???

Here on the South Coast it is bright and sunny and everything seems alright in the world!!!! Well for the next few minutes whilst I post on here anyway - after that all hell lets loose :o)

Tomorrow evening my oldest friend arrives from Germany to visit until Easter Sunday and currently she would have to sleep in the sofa - not very hospitable really... So I have my pinny, my duster, my hoover and also I've had three weetabix this morning because to make any sense of that room I am going to need them... it has been one of a couple of general junk rooms since we have started work on the house and there is currently a four foot high pile of goodness only knows what spread all over the room. I have to work tomorrow morning and I will be a whirl wind round the rest of the house after I get back so now is my only opportunity to sort this room out!!!

Why haven't I done it before I can hear you asking? Well a combination of two things really - firstly little time due to other things happening but more importantly I am a "Last Minute Becky" - everything seems to end up being done last minute as usual - yes, this is the woman who decided to scrap her dissertation six hours before it had to be handed in and start again (a good move as I got a first), rushing over to the post depot to get my mag commissions in in time, clearing out rooms before friend's from Germany arrive - you get the picture. According to my yummy mummy I have never been any different in all my @*&^ years!!!

So I am going to finish this lil' ole post and then don my "Mrs Mop" outfit and blitz this place!!!

Anyway, why crafty hubby???? Well you may be thinking he has been raiding my cupboards and creating something spectacular to stun me when I returned from my demo yesterday but not so. I mean crafty in an entirely different sense of the word.

Firstly I must thank all you lovely ladies (and yesterday it was fabulous to welcome a few gentlemen too!!!) who came to see me in the Marlands Centre for my demo for the new Market Gallery store in Southampton. It was lovely to see you all - and lovely to have so much space too - even more for me to clutter up until I have a 3inch by 3inch square to work on.... Well you know I'm a cluttersome crafter by now so I know you would expect nothing less!!! I hope you enjoyed your day - it was lovely to see friendly faces and also to meet new people!! And also to see you all making new friends amongst yourselves - crafting is just the most sharing and giving hobby you can have - I LOVE IT!!!! (and I love you all for coming to say hi!!!)

Thanks Kim for showing us the stamps stored in your Papermania ATC wallet - an ingenious use of it - but personally I think that I should have been able to keep the Hero Arts bird stamp!!!! And for sheer dedication to the crafting cause the award has to go to Kathleen for coming all the way from Thatcham... especially on such a sunny day!!! And as for everyone else who made the effort to come - it is always always lovely to see you!!! :o)

Now why was hubby crafty? Well the little tinker was upstairs in the Mall taking pictures of us chatting whilst I was demonstrating to you before he arrived to pick me up. Oh yes - he has managed to capture some real unpleasant shots of me but also there are some that you may be able to spot yourself on. The camera has decided to not play ball this morning BUT I will try and post a few of the not too bad ones (if there are any when I inspect them on a larger screen) at a later date. Hmmmmmmm....... :oI

Anyway, I do need to just let you know I will try to post a project tomorrow but from tomorrow I won't be on the computer much so I will be back probably on the Tuesday after Easter.

Until tomorrow I hope the sun shines where you are and that all is well with you and yours!
Lots of hugs

Friday, 3 April 2009

The nippiest of nippy posts!!!

I'm late i'm late for a very important date!!!! But before I dash I've been trying to share these piccies of a page I did for a friend's CJ!!! It use the utterly and truly scrumptious Cupcake range from Basic Grey!!!

Hope you like it!!!!!

Must dash before I'm dragged kicking and screaming away from the PC!!! I'm demoing tomorrow so I'll be back on Sunday!!!

Tatty bye until then!!!

PS please excuse any typos - my fingers go quicker than my brain sometimes :o)

Thursday, 2 April 2009

You gotta go see this!!!

Hi all!!!

Today is one of those posts not about me but some other incredibly talented individual and today you gotta go see (and then go buy) Kirsty Wiseman's new Patti Picklicious CD. You may know Kirsty from a number of places - she holds workshops for the incredibly popular Craftwork Cards, has worked with the Uber talented Dyan Reavely from "Art from the Heart", presented on QVC for Papermania and is seen in a number of mags on a regular basis - most especially her lighthearted column in Crafts Beautiful. Her must haves on the afore mentioned do sometimes make me really giggle. not only that she is so damned talented she's one of those people that makes me come out in a most unsightly green spotted rash!!! Envy can be an ugly disease :o)

Late last year she designed papers for Craft Beautiful Magazine and now she has just released her own Cd of scrummy-yummy papers and embellishments. To go see click here. First click on the link on her blog to see just what lovely yummelicious goodies you will get then click on the link to go buy it!!!! Also take a peak at the gorgeous cards her design team have created - they are truly inspiring!!!! If you can resist you're a better woman (or man) than me.... think I'm just hopping over there to go and get my copy before I head of out and before they sell out... by all accounts they are going down a storm!!!

See yaz all tomorrow!!!!
Loads of love

PS forgot to add - to go follow Kirsty's life (a real good read!) visit her other "blah blah" blog by clicking here.