Friday, 27 February 2009

An early(-ish) morning post!!


Its a beautiful morning here down South and as you can see I am up and about early posting on to here. I'm about to rush out the door to work before returning to make some samples for tomorrow. If I don't get on here now it will all be lost in the melee of creativity which will be taking over our household later on today!!!!

I'm incredibly surprised at the speed the pc is letting me type into my blog today (hoorah!!!)- Friday is PC scan day - my hubby set it up that way (I think - or did it just set itself that way and am I falsely accusing him of setting it up on a weekday when I am often really busy and could do without the whole system being dragged down to snail pace....) Probably the latter - he is usually so good with these things!!! :o) Bless him where would I be without him.... LURRVEEE him to bits!!!

Anyway, today's post moves away from cards and papercrafting for the day! I tinker with beads and jewellery - its that sort of sat in front of the TV and really can't sit there still (despite hubby's best efforts) and so I have to create something. The little offering below is what I made for Becky (see post further) down for her 21st Birthday. As you can see I tied the colours of the card and the bracelet in together. I just love these bracelets - they are elasticated and make a perfect base to add charns and beads to your own design. You can add a large focal bead to make a simple, stylish design or really go all out for it as I have done here and add lots of charms and beads.

Well, thats me done for today! As I'm off on the early ferry very bleary eyed tomorrow morning for my demo and not back until the evening I won't be on tomorrow but I'll try my best to get back on here on Sunday.
Take care and Have a fab weekend!

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Third Day in a Row!!!

Hi everyone!!!!

This must be a world record for me blogging!!! Three days in a row!!!

Just to let you know that today I've reloaded my demo dates so that they are now all up to date for 2009 - as you can see the old diary is getting busy so I do hope you can come along and say hello!!! It would be lovely to see you!! :o)

Sadly I have to go as I have ironing to do (how exciting life can be) and to work on some lovely new projects for Saturday (that's more like it!) so tatty bye for now!

See you soon!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Were you at The Range in Swindon on Saturday?

If so I just wanted to say a HUGE "Thank you" for coming along and joining me at my demo. Over the next couple of weeks I'll try to get piccies of the cards on here and my docrafts gallery. I'm trying to allocate myself ten minutes a day to post a little message or some piccies on here - Can't say how long it will last but I will try my best!!

Anyway thanks for coming along and keeping me company - I love to see you all, have a good chat and pass on loads of tips with the Docrafts products!!!! Weren't all those new products they were putting up throughout the day just scrummy!!! Can't wait to bring those to you all next month and show you my favourite little tips and techniques for getting the most from your stash!!!

You may have noticed I did a little bit of housekeeping yesterday and removed all my demo's from last year - I'll get the new dates for this year on here shortly!!! Its starting to look like a busy year again - yippeeeeee!!!! I am so lucky to have this job!!!! :o)

Well take care everyone- see you soon

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Where has all the time gone??? Happy 21st Becky

Where have the past twenty years gone?????

Well there is a questions in itself but last week it was my best friend's niece's 21st birthday. Sarah and I met in 1989 and as you can tell if you do the math her niece was a babe in arms. I've been so lucky that Sarah has been my best friend all this time and I've been privileged to see Becky grow up into a lovely young woman. Life hasn't always been the easiest for her but, you know, she has battled through everything, she always has a smile on her face and I'm delighted she is part of my extended "family"!!!

Becky isn't a girly girl so when I was designing her birthday card and present I didn't want to go with pinks but to make something that was feminine but using more unusual colours. I dragged some colour co-ordinated elements out of a kit I had and then as usual proceeded to take apart, ink, doodle, flitter and re-assemble with numerous other items out of my stash.

I'm loving metal charms, ribbons and Doodlebug mini rub ons on brads, buttons etc so I incorporated these to give the card below.

I also designed a bracelet for her using the same colours and I'll get round to posting the piccies of this over the next couple of days. I hope this design give you some ideas to try yourself though.

Well, I must dash as I am out to craft club with my friends tonight and I have a demo on Saturday so I need to pick out some things to work on for that.

Loads of love - be back soon

Back in the swing....

Well, its almost the end of February and so much has happened but really the biggest thing is that all the issues of last year have to be put to one side otherwise I feel like I'm not going to make any progress in the things I want to do and the direction I want to take. I don't want to be selfish but so much of last year was caught up with dealing with other people's problems and letting them take priority but now I feel I have to grab back some control and take the paths I want to take.

I'm going to be posting on here much more I hope with projects and ideas, other websites to visit etc etc. You will probably over coming weeks, months etc start seeing some changes on here to layout and design... but that won't happen over night - I need to teach myself how to do some of those super dooper whizzz-bang flashy bits but I do have limited time so I will do that as and when time allows!!! :o)

Well I'll leave this post to go and find some piccies to load and will be posting again shortly!

Loads of love to you all