Monday, 6 April 2009

A little project to share before my holiday!!

Hi Everyone!!!

Well I am taking a teency weency little break from running around with the hoover and duster getting the house ready for our imminent visitor!!!

I thought I would leave you for the rest of the week with a project along similar lines to one I demonstrated on Saturday with the old marketing CD. Here I have used Basic Grey Wassail papers so this was designed to be a little hanging Christmas decoration. I love these warm, rich shades - perfect for Christmas!! But I know its a little bit early for that (though at the rate this year seems to be disappearing I'm sure it will be round again in five minutes flat!) I guess I wanted to show you that the idea can be adapted to suit so many different occasions and colours. Why not make a similar project but as a special card that can be displayed all year round - instead of attaching ribbon to hang give a plate holder as a stand - a gift and a card all in one!

This was a project I made for a special demo on the Isle of WIght last year so it has been hanging around for a while - but I also submitted it to "Papercraft Essentials" for last years Papercrafter of the Year for which I was a runner up so (with out bragging!) I'm quite proud of this little design.

So now its time to say goodbye for the rest of this week and I will return next Tuesday. In the meantime, have a fabulous time... eat too many Easter eggs (like I will).... and take care!!!

Love and hugs

Becky xxx

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