Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Twit Twoo...

I wanted to pop a new card on here - it was oh so simple made with Daisy and Dandelion Xmas papers and was for my hubby's birthday last week.

I love these Xmas papers because really in essence apart from the ones with snowflakes on they can be used pretty much all year round and are FABULOUS for men's cards.

But true to style for our ancient and decrepid PC its refusing to load my photies onto the pc so I'll have to try that one again probably Friday now as I have to be at the hospital tomorrow.

As a result I wanted to share with you a lovely card I have just found on my great friend Amanda's blog - I haven't done much blog hopping recently but have been catching up with some friends this afternoon. There is a gorgeous owl card on there that I love and now I'm having difficulty getting the piccie on here for you to look at so I'll just have to add her blog here!!! So please click here. Scroll down and you'll find it - Am LURVING owls and birds at the mo as a theme on cards.

Amanda is one of those other lovely Docraft designers out there - and I really must get the links on here. If you get the opportunity to get to a demo she is doing then do hop along and say hi! And I have to say Amanda is one of those people that having a bit of a natter too always makes me smile and cheers me up!!!

I've also found the cure to my blues from yesterday and have thrown myself into a huge pile of ironing and about to start housework with Lord of the Rings on in th background. I really am not the worlds greatest housewife but there is somthing soothing sometime about throwing yourself into the mundane where you can switch your brain off and forget about stuff. Of course there are other things more pressing to do but I didn't want to do those so I'm off again soon to climb back into my house-wifley world. I'll face reality again tomorrow :o)

Take care and I'll try to sort out my camera/ pc problem to bring some more projects if I can.

PS If anyone can tell me how to add a "watermark" to my pictures before I publish them (you know the sort of thing "designed by XXX 2009") then I would be really grateful!!!


Kimbo said...

Here are some free watermarking software -

I think the first one is easiest to use althoug I've not tried them all. Good luck

Jo Austin said...

If you have photoshop or something similar, then that would be dead easy for you to do it.. otherwise, you can do it in Word.. but I'm not sure about how to do that.

Jo xx