Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Not been around for sometime....

Hi everyone out there!

I'm really sorry to say I haven't been able to get on here for sometime and for those of you visiting I am very very sorry. I had hope to make this my little window into my crafting world but I have been battling with family issues which have left me little or no time to do the things I want to do.

My hope is that soon I will be able to get back to posting here as I have been working on some lovely projects to show you and have some other fabulous crafters to introduce you to!

Take care everyone and just as soon as I can get back on here I will


Kathleen said...

Glad to see you're back. Hope everything is OK and the house is slowly getting sorted!
Look forward to seeing your creations!!
I've managed to set up my own blog now and I'm starting to take part in some blog challenges.
Hopefully I'll be able to get to some of your demos in the near future.

Kathleen said...

Hope to see you about again soon.
Hope everything is OK!

There's an award for you over on my blog

Kathleen xx