Sunday, 5 April 2009

Crafty Hubby.....

Hi all

How are you today???

Here on the South Coast it is bright and sunny and everything seems alright in the world!!!! Well for the next few minutes whilst I post on here anyway - after that all hell lets loose :o)

Tomorrow evening my oldest friend arrives from Germany to visit until Easter Sunday and currently she would have to sleep in the sofa - not very hospitable really... So I have my pinny, my duster, my hoover and also I've had three weetabix this morning because to make any sense of that room I am going to need them... it has been one of a couple of general junk rooms since we have started work on the house and there is currently a four foot high pile of goodness only knows what spread all over the room. I have to work tomorrow morning and I will be a whirl wind round the rest of the house after I get back so now is my only opportunity to sort this room out!!!

Why haven't I done it before I can hear you asking? Well a combination of two things really - firstly little time due to other things happening but more importantly I am a "Last Minute Becky" - everything seems to end up being done last minute as usual - yes, this is the woman who decided to scrap her dissertation six hours before it had to be handed in and start again (a good move as I got a first), rushing over to the post depot to get my mag commissions in in time, clearing out rooms before friend's from Germany arrive - you get the picture. According to my yummy mummy I have never been any different in all my @*&^ years!!!

So I am going to finish this lil' ole post and then don my "Mrs Mop" outfit and blitz this place!!!

Anyway, why crafty hubby???? Well you may be thinking he has been raiding my cupboards and creating something spectacular to stun me when I returned from my demo yesterday but not so. I mean crafty in an entirely different sense of the word.

Firstly I must thank all you lovely ladies (and yesterday it was fabulous to welcome a few gentlemen too!!!) who came to see me in the Marlands Centre for my demo for the new Market Gallery store in Southampton. It was lovely to see you all - and lovely to have so much space too - even more for me to clutter up until I have a 3inch by 3inch square to work on.... Well you know I'm a cluttersome crafter by now so I know you would expect nothing less!!! I hope you enjoyed your day - it was lovely to see friendly faces and also to meet new people!! And also to see you all making new friends amongst yourselves - crafting is just the most sharing and giving hobby you can have - I LOVE IT!!!! (and I love you all for coming to say hi!!!)

Thanks Kim for showing us the stamps stored in your Papermania ATC wallet - an ingenious use of it - but personally I think that I should have been able to keep the Hero Arts bird stamp!!!! And for sheer dedication to the crafting cause the award has to go to Kathleen for coming all the way from Thatcham... especially on such a sunny day!!! And as for everyone else who made the effort to come - it is always always lovely to see you!!! :o)

Now why was hubby crafty? Well the little tinker was upstairs in the Mall taking pictures of us chatting whilst I was demonstrating to you before he arrived to pick me up. Oh yes - he has managed to capture some real unpleasant shots of me but also there are some that you may be able to spot yourself on. The camera has decided to not play ball this morning BUT I will try and post a few of the not too bad ones (if there are any when I inspect them on a larger screen) at a later date. Hmmmmmmm....... :oI

Anyway, I do need to just let you know I will try to post a project tomorrow but from tomorrow I won't be on the computer much so I will be back probably on the Tuesday after Easter.

Until tomorrow I hope the sun shines where you are and that all is well with you and yours!
Lots of hugs

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Kathleen said...

What a crafty hubby!
Had a great time.
PS Love the xmas version of the CD project.