Friday, 27 February 2009

An early(-ish) morning post!!


Its a beautiful morning here down South and as you can see I am up and about early posting on to here. I'm about to rush out the door to work before returning to make some samples for tomorrow. If I don't get on here now it will all be lost in the melee of creativity which will be taking over our household later on today!!!!

I'm incredibly surprised at the speed the pc is letting me type into my blog today (hoorah!!!)- Friday is PC scan day - my hubby set it up that way (I think - or did it just set itself that way and am I falsely accusing him of setting it up on a weekday when I am often really busy and could do without the whole system being dragged down to snail pace....) Probably the latter - he is usually so good with these things!!! :o) Bless him where would I be without him.... LURRVEEE him to bits!!!

Anyway, today's post moves away from cards and papercrafting for the day! I tinker with beads and jewellery - its that sort of sat in front of the TV and really can't sit there still (despite hubby's best efforts) and so I have to create something. The little offering below is what I made for Becky (see post further) down for her 21st Birthday. As you can see I tied the colours of the card and the bracelet in together. I just love these bracelets - they are elasticated and make a perfect base to add charns and beads to your own design. You can add a large focal bead to make a simple, stylish design or really go all out for it as I have done here and add lots of charms and beads.

Well, thats me done for today! As I'm off on the early ferry very bleary eyed tomorrow morning for my demo and not back until the evening I won't be on tomorrow but I'll try my best to get back on here on Sunday.
Take care and Have a fab weekend!

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