Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Another New Look!!!! (And this one I LUUURRRVVVEEE!!!)


I have just spent another hour looking at my blog background. I spotted this design which was luuurrrrvvvveeelllyyyy with the matching banner.... it so springy (not just in a seasonal way but in a bouncy way too!!! - Love bright bouncy colours!!!! :o) )

So I have to potter off back to my little life and actually do some of the boring book keeping work. But tomorrow I'm going to post a new card - it isn't one by me but from a lovely fellow designer Nikki from all the way up north of the border - we did a card swap for a happy new year and she sent me a gorgeous little Forever Friends card. I've been wanting to show it off for ages so I'm hoping to do that tomorrow!

Anyway until then take care
Lots and lots of love


Kathleen said...

Love the new look. Wish I knew how to get a fancy banner too!!
Kathleen xx
PS Will miss you at The Range on Sat - going to the rugby as suspected. Should be a great day tho!

Nikki said...

Hi there,

The blog is looking good..... I like the background!

Nikki x