Sunday, 8 March 2009

Going Animal "Quackers"....

Hello, Hello, Helloooooo!!!

Apologies for my absence of a couple of days but I have been hard at work locked in my "mad" studio creating for an up and coming issue of Creativity! and thought I would just pop a quick post on here before I finish the wordy bit to accompany the projects involved...

Do excuse the pun in the title... my brain may have been candy floss earlier this week but today it is mush, pure and simple.... to match the theme of animal templates I've been working on I thought I would share this card with you - its so simple and would make and ideal kids project as well as a great one to make for kids of all ages!!!

This card also came into being as a response to the clearance demo challenge I had last weekend! In this one I revisited old Papermania Designer papers and fell back in love with the daisy background - it had to be daisy covered grass now didn't it!?!?! I can see this one cropping up in several of my new designs!!!

As you can see my artistic talents in drawing stretch to those of a six year old so the sheep is oh so simple to do - basically a cloud, an easy face and some sticky out bits for legs!!! Come on you can do it too - you know you can!!! I'm also big into the googly eyes for these little critters - they just add such character!

On my card I've used supercalifragalistic (if i've spelt that wrong I stand corrected - I used to be able to say it backwards when I was young but no hopes now - the grey cells aren't what they used to be!) sparkling Sugar Coated doodlebug cardstock - go get some if you don't have it - you won't regret it!!!! If you want a more natural fluffy effect go for the flocked version by the same company - its seriously touch feely and if you are a paperstroker like me it will satisfy any urges!!! :o)

I'm sorry for the completely naff and corny sentiment but sometimes it just has to be done! These are the tiny little simply sweet rub ons by Doodlebug - they fit in anywhere, and can be used on all sorts of medium - ribbon, buttons, metal, brads (see Becky's 21st birthday card below), wood, glass etc etc etc... go on you know you want some!!!

Now I have to disappear for a few days as I am travelling back to the homeland (well, the west midlands actually but it will always be home to me!) to visit my ma and pa for my mom's birthday but I will be back towards the end of next week.
Take care, have a good few days and come back soon!
Lots of love

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