Wednesday, 4 March 2009

A little birdie told me....

Whilst I was on the ferry to the Isle of Wight at *£$%^ time in the morning (ie the sort of time no one should know exists on a Saturday morning!) I took a little time to relax and catch up on some trend watching and magazine reading. Bestest boy had treated me to "Papercraft" magazine from the US - full of brilliant inspiration and the sassiest looks and designs from across the pond.

I was absolutely delighted to see that one of the hottest colour combinations this season is grey with A.N.-other colour!!! It reminded me that I had still to share my "You're so Tweet" card with you.

Personally I love to experiment with colour and style whatever we are being told is the next best thing and this was one of those occasions. I wanted to show in my demo's that you really don't have to go with the flow but by being a little adventurous you can create something that stands out from the crowd and is unique. I know this colour combination isn't to everyone's taste but believe me it works in any mix of shades so play around with the same design to appeal to the recipient.

I've also been having fun with making my own templates and paper piecing designs - I have to tell you they HAVE to be simple designs - I'm no artist!!! Anyone who has been to my demo's knows the story of me being kicked out of art classes when I was 11 - I'm sure my art teacher would turn in her grave to know what I get up to these days!!! :o) Bless her....

Recently I've been messing about with animals and birds so this card shows one of my ultra simple little characters. I have a couple more to show you in coming days.

Scallops continue to be popular in designs and I love to cut my own. I rarely use a cutter or punch, preferring to get out my scissors and "Just go for it!" giving a different pattern every time!! Punch holes with a cropadile and your done - don't be afraid to have a go at this. Its oh so simple!!!

The cute little flower embellishment is one of the new Anita's flower dimension stickers. I had a fabulous opportunity to mess about with these for a commission in the current Creativity! magazine for Docrafts. If you've got permanent markers then give these little beauties a makeover and colour them like you would your peel offs - here I've used black to give a gun metal grey appearance rather than a sparkling silver tone. Just add pearl brad to finish! (but why not some fairy dust or a button to match)
Well I must dash I have a couple of commissions to get out by tomorrow evening so its time to go and turn all the mass of designs cluttering my head into something real!
Have fun and see you soon


Kathleen said...

One of my favourites and I'll def be making one of those little birdies for my friend's bday card next month.

Kathleen said...

You can now see the card I made using your template here

I made a conscious effort to not look at your card before I made mine so as not to just copy it. Thinking I should have at least taken a peak so I'd remember how to assemble the bird properly!!!!

Anyway, I think it turned out quite well!