Friday, 13 March 2009

Another week bites the dust!!!!

Hi there!!! How are you all???

I can't believe another week has passed... Tomorrow I have a demo at The Range in Southampton which I am so looking forward to!!! If you can get along to see me then please do - I'd love you to come along and see what I am up to with the latest docrafts products which just seem to be flying off the shelves at the moment... My little treat to myself tonight is to come up with some lovely designs which I hope you will enjoy... and if you can't come along I will be posting my samples on to here for you to enjoy so please do come back.

The next few weeks are so busy but where ever possible I will be posting daily... next week I'm going to try to jazz this blog up a bit with a funky background and over the next few weeks I hope to put more info about what I do, where I design etc etc. Also I'm going to introduce you to some lovely people who are my inspirations (one of whom I'll be telling you about today!) and if you want to see it I may get some pictures of my new work studio on here aswell... its by no means finished but it is getting there - its just so cluttered with things I've bought but not used but I have made a pact with myself to challenge myself not only to use lovely new items but also not to waste old things that some how seem to have passed me by in the mists of time!!! I so enjoyed myself looking back at old products for my clearance demo a couple of weeks ago I thought this would be a really good approach to looking at my stash!!! When I use them now they don't look like old products - they look wonderfully fresh and new. So the phrase for the coming months is to "waste not want not!" - not just in crafting but other areas of my life... i'm going to get jazzing up some tops, cross stitch some pictures to decorate our house as we whirl through it decorating our home, revamp things for the garden.... you get the jist!!!

And I'd also like to know what you think of this idea - its not for now, but for in a few months time... I know there are many out there in terms of challenge sites for crafting but I was looking to set up something different that challenges us to look beyond just cards and scrapbooking but to challenge our other crafting skills and toolbox - be it papercraft, jewellery, home decor, sewing, etc etc.... And if so I may be looking for design team members... so I'll keep you posted on that one.

As you know I've been away a few days. It was my wonderful mom's birthday and so hubby and I ventured to "wastelands of the north" - his phrase not mine - and as we live on the south coast I guess anything here on the mainland is North - but it is the West Midlands in truth. We had a wonderful meal with my fabulous parents and my amazing aunt and uncle who after many wasted years of not being in touch I am so delighted and thrilled that we are. We also had an amazing couple of days with my parents just pottering about and relaxing too. Dad was able to take a couple of days off work and that was great too as he is self employed and in these uncertain times it isn't always possible. So we were grateful for the time we had with them...

One of the highlights of our trip was the search for our anniversary present. We follow the tradition of buying something that matches the anniversary that we are celebrating... goodness only knows where its gone but we celebrate our 5th anniversary in the next few weeks. So ma and pa wanted to get us something "wood" - we are so lucky because shortly we will be decorating our own bedroom and so they have very generously given us two new bedside tables from Ikea which match our wardrobes. We bought those after we got married (as this was a man's house before I moved in there was no where near enough storage :o) - and it has been the bain of my hubby's life ever since!) I know bedside tables don't seem very exciting but we had so much fun together deciding on a gift - with plenty of tea and coffee and cake (yum yum in our tums!) for sustenance!! - that it made it very special!!! In truth any time with them is extra special!

Anyway I'm about to sign off as I must get some design work done but I would like to direct you to the blog of one person who really does - and has for a while - inspired my designs and style. I love the articles she has written both for Creativity! and other magazines. Her designs are often fun and she has a wonderful was of using and creating characters - but I also love it when she does "shabby chic" and when she distresses her designs. She just really is amazingly talented!!! Her name is Jo Kill and you may have seen her regularly in our UK magazines. If you haven't been to her blog then click here and go and get even more up to date inspiration!!! Enjoy!!!

Until next time - probably Sunday now!!!
Have loads of fun crafting!
Becky xxx


Kimbo said...

Hi Becky. Thanks for some great ideas today - especially persuading me that I NEEDED the stitching templates! The ATC folder works well for all my small stamps but I have to cut the Papermania Duo's in half. I've spent the rest of the afternoon unravelling the wool and ribbon - what a bargain!

Kathleen said...

Glad you had fun in the 'wasteland of the north'. Haven't been up there myself since the summer last year. Must get up there soon and catch up with the cousins!!
Kathleen xx